Mental Unit

Mental Unit was a Fusion band based in Toulouse, France. The band started from the inspiration of brothers Robin and Jeremy Darlington who have been making music since their early teens. In 2009 they met Andre Da Silva who joined their band (called something else at the time). Then, later that year,they met and started playing with Theo Teboul.

After a few months playing shows in small venues in Toulouse, in June 2010 Mental Unit headed to the studio, and in 5 days they recorded "BE REAL" - a 10 track E.P. released independently in November 2010. They then spent 6 Months touring locally and eventually broke up in summer 2011.

This website is here fore historical purposes and to provide a way of getting in touch with the band : we all still speak to each other, just not playing together at the minute.

Robin Darlington - Lead Vocals + Guitar - Mental Unit

Robin Darlington

Lead Vocals, Guitar.

Andre Da Silva - Guitar + Backing Vocals - Mental Unit

Andre Da Silva

Guitar, Backing Vocals.

Jeremy Darlington - Bass - Mental Unit

Jeremy Darlington


Theo Teboul - Drums - Mental Unit

Theo Teboul


Mental Unit - Be Real

Be Real

Be Real is a 10 track E.P. recorded in June 2010 and released in Novembre 2010 by Mental Unit.

All the songs where recorded live at Studio Du Moulin in just 4 days. The music was mixed by Lorry Delatie and mastered by Jerome Cotte and Jaques Hermet. The Artwork is by Julien Bonnafous we where put in contact with through Greenworks productions.

Check out the Be Real Album page to get a download, hear the songs and read the lyrics !

Download "BE REAL" for Free !

Download - Mental Unit : Be Real !

Mental Unit - Come With Us

Come With Us

Come With Us is a 11 track E.P. recorded in 2008 and 2009 and released in March 2010 by Mental Unit.

All the songs where recorded in a home-studio environment in bits and pieces over several months. The music was mixed by Jose Tomaz-Gomes and mastered by Mark Lockett. The Artwork is by Jessie Darlington and Robin Darlington.

Download "Come With Us" for Free !

Download - Mental Unit : Come With Us.